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Our Story

Abbie is like any other young girl growing up--she loves sweets. With many brands and bakeries making nut-filled foods with the same equipment as their other pastries, cross-contamination was something that made us very uneasy and it was hard to find sweets she could eat; without the added stress and worries. At only 10 months old, we found out that she has a severe peanut allergy, as well as allergies to a few other nuts. We were always very wary of letting her eat foods that may have had any possible traces or contact with nuts. To her (and our) dismay, this did not give us many options that she could not enjoy without concerns about her health and well being at the forefront of all of our minds.


Thus, Abbie's Bake Shoppe was born. While Abbie was growing up, she developed a love for baking with her mother, Teresa. Together they developed unique recipes of her favorite sweets. Our treats, are made from quality ingredients and meant to be enjoyed by all; allergy or not. All of these are made from scratch and are nut free to ease the worries of our family and those families like ours struggling to find the needed alternatives.

Our Mission

We set out to ease the minds and warm the hearts of people by offering a nut free alternative to other bakeries. With a focus on quality, we strive to bring smiles to every face with each treat we sell.

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